Here Palestinian Children Can play, Read And Sing

 Source: The Palestine Telegraph


 February 3, 2010 (Pal Telegraph) – Al-Qattan center where the Palestinian children go to play, read, sing and write in their blogs, the Palestine telegraph met those children in the holiday and prepared this report.


Lana , her sister,8 years, and her cousin Miral ,10 years went to the center after the exams to read stories in order to enjoy and forget their suffering.


Al-Qatan center for the child is the only center that focuses on children in Palestine to improve their skills and invest their space time with activities to meliorate their life condition. there is a big library where they can borrow books to read and to do their researches.


Mostafa Hasan, 15 years, is a member of the library since 3 years and he became one of the unique members who can easily find the book he wants. he helps others to find the books they search.


Amera, 13 years, she participated with the team of Dabka, Palestinian dance, also she became one of those active members. she and her friends are training to perform a dance on the day of mothers. the center will manage a party includes all the arts that the children do at the center.


Any child here can participate in completions, fun games, watching the theater. children under 5 years can participate also with some activities suite their age.

Story and Photo by PT Reporter Eman Jomaa

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