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Gaza is in the eyes of their children

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source: The Palestine Telegraph

Gaza, February 03, 2010 (Pal Telegraph) “Gaza is in the eyes of their children” Exhibition Photography and Video Art opened “professional windows of contemporary art” in Gaza City for nineteen infants who received a workshop for six weeks, funded by the Children of War – NETHERLANDS WAR CHILD HOLLAND “.
Embraced the exhibition between the flanks fifty-five photographs and video art work done by children individually or in cooperation among themselves after several attempts by the Applied stumble repeatedly softer nails professional.

However, some camera skills seemed prominent in images of children, focusing on the integration time and playing on the water lighting and skill “critical shot” “” decisive moment and the system of triangulation applied by young trainees in their photos.
Gaza, which looked as if they saw children other than those used glasses to see on television and in newspapers and sites on the Web site. In photographs missed the planes and the smell of death and blood and dust mass, to be replaced by smiles of children playing and practicing their childhood is like Batabiei.

Fjmanp August (14) quoted a child playing with her portfolio as “PlayStation” inside his house, and Mohammed Abu Eisha, Take a picture of children playing soccer in the stadium, “asphalt” Bbdlathm sports. The girl Kariman Mashharawi it seems fascinated with lighting that fell on the girl caressed “banda” in the evening, but the child preferred a peaceful painted shed lens on the children crammed into the swing seemed an orphan.
The share of the Sea of Gaza, signed by the children’s eyes, our delegations Ahmed applied the theory of “triangulation” on land, sea and water in the form of the Sea of Gaza Ttosth fishing boats, accompanied by nostalgia star taken pictures of children playing instruments fishermen, the fish market.

However, that does not mean the complete absence of movement of the bait last footage from the Gaza Strip in particular in the work of video art, Vzia Abu arts (14 years) the transfer of child labor by focusing the camera lens through the newly industrialized technology snapshot “traveling shot” on the market at the corner of the famous Strip, a potent light on the dolls and cigarette wholesalers mobile.
Abdel Rahman al-Madhoun, and the names of Bashir Venqla remnants of war, the body of the flag of Palestine Valmdhun Hugh technical part of the mass Bashir was quoted as insisting on life through tracing was bombed was revived again.

The girl glory Mashharawi (13 years), one of the trainees, Radio Netherlands International, “We pick images at random and it is important to take shape, but now after the session for 6 weeks photo was taken of the brothers before the photo session after the session The blank is now pretty picture.”
Beside the picture is full of children playing on the swing and stood peacefully Madhoun (8 years), said: “In the session started to love photography and found Anu hobby photography,
Leave learned tracts, and if in two side some to be close together. ”
The girl Jumana August (10 years), said: “We learned how to evacuate in the spaces, and beautiful spaces in the image and how to take advantage of colors of objects in the house and the street.”

In an interview with Radio Netherlands International, said the artist Basil Maqqousi, Project Coordinator, “The professional children selected after a series of workshops during which the selection of those who believe that it is possible to develop professional skills in Video Art and Photograph in the context of promoting a culture of child rights which have been agreed by the Parties on the development of the child’s personality, talents and mental and physical abilities to their fullest potential. ”
The Maqqousi that one of the pitfalls, which interviewed the project is that the trainees focused on their tour of the first hands-on training to portray the demolished homes and some of the effects of war.

Maqqousi He added that the project led them to other areas from which to discover beauty, the ultimate goal is to move away from their psychological effects of the recent Israeli war on Gaza, which is still lingering in their consciousness.
Israel had launched late December 2008 the “Cast Lead” on the Strip, the 22 days has killed more than 1400 Palestinians, including 300 children, and destroyed more than 4000 building, according to Palestinian statistics.

For his part, artist Sharif Sarhan, one of the trainers, the children attended several lectures on the history and theory of the foundations of Photography and Video Art, and then examined the photographs and video works have been discussed with them before setting off for practical training.
He pointed out that through the project have been directed to focus on issues related to the rights of the child to play, education and safe life, but the scarcity of public places was already an obstacle in front of them, forcing them to shoot their brothers and their parents at home.

He Sarhan of the most important achievements of the project is to break the psychological barrier between the child and the camera and they are now not afraid to use and were trained to attempt to refine their skills in detecting beautiful things, pointing out that “it is possible that in the future, one a professional photographer or documentary filmmaker, and this is not far away.”


Palestinian children

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The Enemy Of The Sun

I may – if you wish- lose my livelihood

I may sell my shirt and bed.

I may work as a stone cutter.

A street sweeper, a porter.

I may clean your stores

Or rummage your garbage for food.

I may lie down hungry,

O Enemy of the sun,


I shall not compromise

And to the last pulse in my veins

I shall resist.

You may take the last strip of my land,

Feed my youth to prison cells.

You may plunder my heritage.

You may burn my books, my poems

Or feed my flesh to the dogs.

You may spread a web of terror

On the roofs of my village,

O enemy of the sun


I shall not compromise

And to the last pulse in my veins

I shall resist.

You may put the light in my eyes.

You may deprive me of mother’s kisses.

You may curse my father, my people.

You may distort my history.

You may deprive my children of a smile

And of life’s necessities.

You may fool my friends with a borrowed face.

You may build walls of hatred around me.

You may glue may eyes to humiliations,

O enemy of the sun,


I shall not compromise

And to the last pulse in my veins

I shall resist.

O enemy of the sun

The decorations are raised at the port,

The ejaculations fill the air,

A glow in the hearts,

And in the horizon

A sail is seen

Challenging the wind

And the depths.

It is Ulysses

Returning home

From the sea of loss.

It is the return of the sun,

Of my exiled ones.

And for her sake, and his swear

I shall not compromise

And to the last pulse in my veins

I shall resist.

Samih Al Qasim

Premeditation and Monitor

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Premeditation and monitor



 Every day, I see a rose fade away and die… but I see also

A tree grow older and bloom.. and I see a drop of bloodshed…

And I see a stone in a hand of a child, and in his eyes there is  hope,

And in his heart a strong fate… but when I think in this child I say: what

The guilt of him to carry a stone in his hands  to be called a terrorist ..

     There is a question wanders in my mind and I need an answer

What is the conception of peace?

     The conception of peace no more recognized as it was before,

The peace changed and became vague for a Palestinian child who

 see Death in his eyes everyday life while his father putting him between his arms.

The children used to be killed every day, houses used to be demolished,

And massacres  used to be committed here and there, and after this all, they come and call

The Israeli leaders the men of peace.

      Dose peace mean, to kill, to destruct,  to shell civilians , to demolish the houses, to raze

and  rape the lands of Palestinians, and shed the blood of their kids???

Why the Arabs world changed, and instead of condemning  the massacres we

face Every day on the hands of the Israeli, under the eyes of the International  silence ,  why

they  come and condemn the Palestinian children’s because they try to defend their selves??

The nations of this world demonstrates, and the leaders and kings ignore, and they ask the

permission to talk….


When they will wake up from their nap..???


Everyday A Palestinian city fade away, and when the plans of stealing the lands of

Palestinian will stop and when the Arabs and the international silence will end? And

What is the difference between  a Palestinians child and another one from another place?

 The difference: You will find in the Palestinian kid sadness and steadfast painted on his face,

and a smile mixed with hope to triumph over his lips, and a stone in his hand, and bloodshed

in his heart, and fear has no place in his heart, while he see the death and the destruction by

his eyes. No fun , no happiness over the rubbles of his house or a little toy left behind,

passed over it an Israeli bulldozer destroyed his home.




leian Baker


                                                                                                                                                                           (translated from Arabic)

The Torch of Hope and Determination

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The Torch of hope and Determination

life, as they say, is composed of moments. If not made
The most of, our mission as human beings, granted by
Our lord, will encounter nothing but failure. Messages
Relating to the need for greater compassion in this
World of ours, in my opinion, should be sent all
Over the world and ready every single human be-
ing; messages such as those originating from a
People who have lost their ability to smile in a
Battle fought un fairly by merciless enemy.
Throughout, hand in hand, we can make a
Difference and wipe away the tears of those who
Have been treated unjustly. Let us help one another,
And let us light candles for those who still living under
Occupation, thereby helping them to navigate their danger
Filled path.
Are there no such things as wake up calls when it comes
To those who are lucky enough to be free? Is it possible they can
Remain oblivious to the suffering of others, who unlike them,
Are unable to live in freedom and dignity? Please, tell me, my friends
Who is ready to wipe away the tears of the Palestinian people?
Who is ready to paint a smile on the faces of our children?
Who is ready to extend helping hand to our disabled, our elderly,
And our hungry, and all of whom in need of protection
and nourishment of soul and body alike?
My questions constitute an important message,
One that I hope you will hear, a call for all of us- yes
, each and every one of us to work, relentlessly, to build
A world characterized by honesty, fairness, and love.
In spite of the numerous efforts to put it out. The torch of hope
And determination still burn brightly, and it’s with this torch
That those us who remain strong should light the way of us
Who are weak.
We , ourselves are the only ones able to decide
Whether to mould our souls in to one hand, one heart,
One voice, or remain divided. I have no more words
For you, except these-listen to the voice inside your heart,
Really listen, and then, and only then, make your choice.

Hamada J’ewi

In remembrance of Mahmood

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For your sake, Mahmood,

I broke the lock of my lips

For you

I slaughtered silence in my heart

to write these lines

to build a wall in the face of death.

For you Mahmood, believe me,

I cast the letters to make a sentence.


The sun that bathes the wonds of the fig trees

its rays are dyed in blood by the executioners of Gaza

that some sun toasts the wheat into gold in the fields of China.

It wrings tears from the foreheads of the peasants in our village.

You may not understand Mahmood

but tomorrow you shall grow up more and more in our hearts.

And the fields will grow green root before your eyes.

You are there in the grave yard, but here in our veins


you may accept or reject the present reality;

if you reject it you shall grow more in our hearts


You may not understand

why the East is tired of silence

or why the dead vomited, and death

a bridge.

Or why our feet cried

or why I wrote this.

But tomorrow the world shall grow and understand.

A question broke my head


(by Ash)

The earth no longer smiles

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Our first post is a poem by Shiba Mitsuyo that was published in Palestine, P.L.O. Information Bulletin, a bi-monthly information bulletin originally published by The Palestine Liberation Organisation Unified Information. Ash did a good job in translating it from Arabic into English!

The earth no longer smiles

The earth no longer smiles
Where the children were broken to pieces
Where the anger was buried of those first killed by guns
The earth where the weepeing mothers fell down
Screaming and kissing its clay;
Olive trees pulled out, sheep burned to ashes,
Houses swept down by the sea of flames.

The earth no longer smiles
While people are running away in panic,
While people are driven into the torture chambers in
Bloodstained clothes,
And while people are burnt like firewood in air raids.

Oh my dear children, who walked about the roads
Crying for a school to study in, and a place to pray,
A change of clothes and drink of water.
Yesterday you were on the barricades,
Carrying sandbags in your small arms,
Protecting your mothers with guns in your hands at the doors.

From under the stones of the occupied land,
From the bundles of plundered barley,
From the tombs of the martyred victims,
Were handed down to you the weapons.
Fighters have been born from every house
Rising up to defend their naked lives.

Today you are the soldiers of vanguard,
You are the gentle lovers writing letters
In the blood-soaked hollows.
You will never leave sorrow behind,
You will never escape from unhappiness,
You will redeem your captured brothers
Offering yourself to the sacred cause.

You are now captains in the air
Directing the course toward freedom.

Oh Palestine, the burning eye full of hope,
The invincible ranks of the courageous fighters
Who will rise up again and again,
No matter how often the shells may strike them
We see you coming to us all the way
With fighting pens and papers over the word
By fighters with pen and paper all over the world
By workers who print and carry.

A little girl in a wheelchair was reading your message,
And aged poor laborer was clipping your photograph,
Mothers sitting in the fields were firmly shaking your hands,
Protesting against the plunder of their farms by tear-gas bombs
In the silence of the fighters in prison,
In the small demostrations repeated,
In the hunger strikes in the frozen night,
In the eyes gouged out by torture,
In the courts where death sentences were passed,
We see you always in the anguard.

Oh Palestine, the broad passionate breast,
The champion of freedom who brings back the light
And self-confidence to the crushed people.
From the muzzles of your guns will come forth
The love cherished in the long struggles.
When you bring the bright spring back to us
The olive trees will put forth young shoots
From the bullet marks that are left in your body.
The earth will smile again,
Like an infant newly-born.