School could not start in Gaza if the borders are not opened

Date published: 4th August 2009

Source: Canal Solidario (translated from Spanish to English by 3.071 Km).


Acción Contra el Hambre (Action Against Hunger), United Nations and AIDA are asking the Israeli government to end the siege on the Gaza Strip to secure the next school year. It also warns schools need materials to be rebuilt.

Acción Contra el Hambre (Action Against Hunger), United Nations and more than 25 NGOs grouped under the International Association of Development Agencies (AIDA) demanded the opening of borders to Gaza for fear that the schools within the Strip are not prepared to start the next year. “The blockade has caused indescribable suffering to the children of Gaza, they face another school year in terrible conditions,” said the humanitarian coordinator of the Palestinian Territories, Philippe Lazzarini.

Also, United Nations and humanitarian organizations present in Palestinian territory make a collective appeal to put a immediate end to the blockade, as required by international humanitarian law and human rights. They also request the Government of Israel to immediately facilitate the entry of construction materials and supplies for schools in the coming weeks, and to ensure that both students and teachers can freely enter and leave Gaza.

Since the Israeli invasion in the Gaza Strip earlier this year, eighteen schools have been completely destroyed and at least 280 were severely damaged. A month from the start of a new school year and more than 6 months after the ceasefire, none of these schools have been rebuilt or rehabilitated, because they lack the necessary materials.  More importantly, according to Acción Contra el Hambre (Action Against Hunger), since the imposition of the blockade students have experienced shortages of school supplies.

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