What is After

Obama and Netanyahu meeting at the White House.Zimbio.

Obama and Netanyahu meeting at the White House.Zimbio.

What is After

U.S. President Barack Obama declared after the crucial talks with Israeli the Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu the last two weeks at the White House that , the  Israeli settlements in the Palestinian territories should be “stopped”,  and reiterated the call for a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict based on the two states.  He  said “I think it’s not only in the interest of Palestinians but also in the interest of the Israelis,United States and the international community to find a solution on the basis of the two countries”.

Meanwhile, Obama said he would decide at the end of this year, whether Iran is serious in the talks on its nuclear program or not. “We will not talk forever”, with the Iranians. “I expect that if we start talks soon, shortly after the Iranian elections, we will have a good impression after the end of the year on whether talks were progressing in the right direction”.

Netanyahu also said that the possibility of achieving “arrangement” to allow the Israelis and Palestinians to live side by side. Netanyahu said that he  shares Obama’s  desire to achieve progress in the peace process, stressing that he wants to start negotiations with the Palestinians “immediately.” “I want to say clearly that we do not want to rule the Palestinians.”

Netanyahu did not mention the possibility of a Palestinian state. But he said that on the other hand that if the Palestinian guarantee the security of Israel and  recognize Israel as a Jewish state, “then I think that we will be able to find arrangements in which the Israelis and Palestinians live side by side in dignity, security and peace.”
Palestinian Presidency welcomes Obama’s remarks:

In the first reaction to Obama’s statement, the Palestinian presidency: Obam’s declarations are  encouraging, but expressed disappointment over the remarks of the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

presidential spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeineh said, “Obama’s remarks about the two-state solution are encouraging, but Netanyahu has ignored the two-state solution and the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people had been disappointing.”

He added “We are waiting for President Abbas to meet with Obama for the reality of the situation until after the development of Palestinian and Arab policy”.

He said “the Palestinian Authority is committed to a two-state solution and a just and comprehensive peace based on Arab and international authorities, especially the Arab peace initiative.”

Prior to the commencement of the movement  of Obama’s administration to revive the stalled peace process, say analysts, that the halo of the tension that surrounded the meeting, exaggerated, and that Netanyahu, like all other heads of the Israeli governments, in a position not only enables him to cope with the most important ally of the Jewish state, in return for his cooperation with the American administration in its quest moving towards the peace process yield results.
Solution of establishing a Palestinian state on the Palestinian occupied territories by Israel in 1967,  meets the international consensus, even among the majority of Israelis, according to opinion polls. Obama’s administration is pushing, and his predecessor, former President George Bush, in order to reach a two-state solution, is the focus of efforts by the United States to achieve peace between the two sides.

Netanyahu, who leads the right-wing coalition, rejects the principle of establishing a Palestinian state, on the grounds that an independent Palestinian state would be a threat to the security of Israel, and noted that any Palestinian entity must have sovereign powers which are limited and have no army.

The U.S Administration assured  since taking office in Last January, it’s based on the resolution of the two states live in peace side by side.

It is expected that the head of the Israeli government agrees to hold talks with the Palestinians and alleviate the restrictions imposed by the government and assist in building the Palestinian economy, according to “Newyork times”

And since taking office six weeks ago, he promised to hold talks with the Palestinians on a  the path of economic and political security.

Netanyahu described the attempts to reach a final agreement at the present time as “misleading” and “useless,” arguing that the priorities should be limited to the administrative capacity-building and economic security of the Palestinians, and to deal with Iran, which he sees an obstacle in any peace efforts of the region.
Netanyahu sees that for Washington to achieve its goals in the region, passes through the curbing Iran’s nuclear ambitions and geopolitical aspirations, prior looking in the  Palestinian Israeli conflict.

And he based his claims on the Arab consensus that curbing the Islamic Republic of priorities, in view of the threats posed on the stability of the region.

Iran’s support for the “Hamas” movement, which controls the Gaza Strip, provide a sufficient  justification for Netanyahu for refusing to move forward in the peace process, and even the removal of Iran aside.

For his part, Obama will argue that the rally of world to confront Iran’s aspirations will require the dissolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, in the first place.

Indeed,The Obama’s administrations adopted the option of diplomacy to resolve the crisis over Iran’s nuclear program, but it did not enact the sanctions, if the government of Iran intransigence.

How to deal with Iran

The Israeli government has demanded Washington to set a timetable for Iran to respond to international demands, in an attempt to prevent them from gaining more time to increase its nuclear capabilities. Netanyahu has repeatedly warned of Israel is ready to strike nuclear facilities if diplomacy failed.

Obama agreed with the leaders of Israel that the offer of negotiations will not be open to no end to the Islamic Republic, but he will give more time to get a chance success of diplomacy to take a serious part this time.

Israel agreed not to launch an attack on Iran, such as consultation with the U.S. ally, had warned the military and security leaders that military action will only further destabilize the region.

Obama says that the Department continue to expand settlements in the West Bank, and the movement of the Jewish state to expand the scope of its control over East Jerusalem, has undermined the stability and opportunities for moving the peace process.

Israeli governments have not responded to international appeals to stop the expansion of Jewish settlements.

Why all the rush?

And the Israeli prime minster wonders of the urgency to declare a Palestinian state, amid a rift, it is hoped, in the fabric of Palestine, where the lack of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, the political power to be a partner in peace.

The opinion poll showed that Abbas, whose mandate expired last January, Hamas will lose face in case of an election now.


Prompted the Israeli military campaign on the sector at the beginning of the year, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, to the priority the Bush administration, blockade imposed by Israel on Gaza, as well as fighting in Palestinian politics, has prevented the arrival of 4.5 billion dollars, provided by donor countries for the reconstruction of the sector.

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