Gaza:The Widows of War

Palestinian mother cry over her husband death body who was killed in the last war on Gaza,North Gaza.

Palestinian mother cry over her husband death body who was killed in the last war on Gaza,North Gaza.

Gaza: The Widows of War

Israeli attacks have left the Gaza Strip severely wounded, among the victims who are over 930 dead and more than 4 thousand injured, dozens of widows, and behind every widow a very bloody story. And the  human tragedy begins  weaved behind walls away from the dark-dependent statistics of victims of different criteria.

Ameen went with his three children to bring the bread for his family, but did not return after an Israeli missile tore through his body, and now his wife,  with her three daughters are starved or without a breadwinner, and joined the long list of widows increases day by day since the attacks began on 27 December 2009.

Amal (32 years) is one of the dozens of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip who  became widows after they lost their husbands in the ongoing Israeli military operation on the sector since December 27.

Amal was severely hurt to her nerve and took her tears pouring down and scream, “Why left me? They   Killed my husband and three sons, they did not remain the man of the house, what to do, Oh Lord, I lost three kids and my husband ?”

She said, and tremble: “he went  with my three sons by our car  to get us  bread, but they returned just flesh and the only thing was there is the remains of some bread covered with their blood. They  Did not carry a weapon or missile, what was their fault?”.

the consolers were not able to calm Amal in her house “the shock is greater than that borne by human beings,” said Umm Ali.

In another tragedy,  which was  not expected, Sabah (20 years), mother of four children, lost her husband and two brothers in one day and said: “I was horrified to hear of martyrdom, we lost 4 of the family in one day, my husband was killed and his cousin.”

she added ” my husband  was advising me  two days before my two sons were killed, Amer and Montaser, and his mother, as if he expected to die.”  The Body of my husband and his cousin Ata found on the first day when they were killed, but my two brothers found only two days after we found Ata. “

All of the fourth beloved fell dead in the first four days of the Israeli military operations, air raids, which targeted one of the premises of the Association of prisoners freed in Gaza.

The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), ensure the families of martyrs, regardless of each family a monthly stipend, and assess the house of condolence, and according to  a sources in the movement.

On the other hand, Merfat (60 years) was not more lucky than the others. She  has lost her husband and her son, she says, and set up failed, ” they told that my  husband and my son were killed and I said may Allah bless them,. Two of my sons were killed before, what the benefit of life without my husband and my children?”

she added “They killed my husband and my son Ziad in the bombing of a school in Al Fakhurah, They were bystanders and they were wounded by  shrapnel, and even separated the upper part of the body of my husband form the rest of his body and another shrapnel hit in the neck, my darling son, Ziad.”

In a dramatic scene, Siham, wife of a “martyr,” called Ziad was sitting between the consolers taking her three children in between her arms. She was crying and suddenly says: “Where you went Ziad and left me your children? What do we do after you? Who will compensate the loss of my husband? I do not want anything from this life, I want you Ziad!  May Allah give me strength and power to be patient and to take the responsibility taking care of your children. ”

The specialized psychological Samir Zaqout didn’t deny that the widows to suffer in the Gaza Strip, “a severe shock, particularly the society in general suffers a shock, and women will be double the suffering.”

He added that “when the wife becomes a widow, suffering becomes a vehicle, especially if the husband was a martyr, it deprives the wife of the marriage again.”

He pointed out that the widow will be vulnerable to the impact of depression, and that the crisis does  worsen over time, especially in light of the responsibility borne children orphans. “

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  1. very sad.

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