Siege shortages » May the world open its eyes

Hundreds of Palestinians are on the local stations to provide with gas, which ran out in Gaza because of Israeli siege.

Not only this world keeps silent on the siege of Gaza, but it has taken serious efforts to tighten the siege on the defenseless people. Culminating in their efforts to prevent even the simplest forms of life in Gaza. They prevent the entry of milk for kids, food, gas and oil, etc. Believing that the Palestinians will think one day to knee and surrender. Over two years 1.5 million Palestinians suffer the ravages of the unjust Israeli siege against children before adults; and the unjust world remains to describe the cries of the Palestinian children for freedom and to live safely in Gaza as they are accused of terrorism and believed they must be answered with shells and heavy machine guns. How long will this world be unjust, quiet and blind to what is happening in the Gaza Strip?

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