The Torch of Hope and Determination

The Torch of hope and Determination

life, as they say, is composed of moments. If not made
The most of, our mission as human beings, granted by
Our lord, will encounter nothing but failure. Messages
Relating to the need for greater compassion in this
World of ours, in my opinion, should be sent all
Over the world and ready every single human be-
ing; messages such as those originating from a
People who have lost their ability to smile in a
Battle fought un fairly by merciless enemy.
Throughout, hand in hand, we can make a
Difference and wipe away the tears of those who
Have been treated unjustly. Let us help one another,
And let us light candles for those who still living under
Occupation, thereby helping them to navigate their danger
Filled path.
Are there no such things as wake up calls when it comes
To those who are lucky enough to be free? Is it possible they can
Remain oblivious to the suffering of others, who unlike them,
Are unable to live in freedom and dignity? Please, tell me, my friends
Who is ready to wipe away the tears of the Palestinian people?
Who is ready to paint a smile on the faces of our children?
Who is ready to extend helping hand to our disabled, our elderly,
And our hungry, and all of whom in need of protection
and nourishment of soul and body alike?
My questions constitute an important message,
One that I hope you will hear, a call for all of us- yes
, each and every one of us to work, relentlessly, to build
A world characterized by honesty, fairness, and love.
In spite of the numerous efforts to put it out. The torch of hope
And determination still burn brightly, and it’s with this torch
That those us who remain strong should light the way of us
Who are weak.
We , ourselves are the only ones able to decide
Whether to mould our souls in to one hand, one heart,
One voice, or remain divided. I have no more words
For you, except these-listen to the voice inside your heart,
Really listen, and then, and only then, make your choice.

Hamada J’ewi

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