Premeditation and Monitor

Premeditation and monitor



 Every day, I see a rose fade away and die… but I see also

A tree grow older and bloom.. and I see a drop of bloodshed…

And I see a stone in a hand of a child, and in his eyes there is  hope,

And in his heart a strong fate… but when I think in this child I say: what

The guilt of him to carry a stone in his hands  to be called a terrorist ..

     There is a question wanders in my mind and I need an answer

What is the conception of peace?

     The conception of peace no more recognized as it was before,

The peace changed and became vague for a Palestinian child who

 see Death in his eyes everyday life while his father putting him between his arms.

The children used to be killed every day, houses used to be demolished,

And massacres  used to be committed here and there, and after this all, they come and call

The Israeli leaders the men of peace.

      Dose peace mean, to kill, to destruct,  to shell civilians , to demolish the houses, to raze

and  rape the lands of Palestinians, and shed the blood of their kids???

Why the Arabs world changed, and instead of condemning  the massacres we

face Every day on the hands of the Israeli, under the eyes of the International  silence ,  why

they  come and condemn the Palestinian children’s because they try to defend their selves??

The nations of this world demonstrates, and the leaders and kings ignore, and they ask the

permission to talk….


When they will wake up from their nap..???


Everyday A Palestinian city fade away, and when the plans of stealing the lands of

Palestinian will stop and when the Arabs and the international silence will end? And

What is the difference between  a Palestinians child and another one from another place?

 The difference: You will find in the Palestinian kid sadness and steadfast painted on his face,

and a smile mixed with hope to triumph over his lips, and a stone in his hand, and bloodshed

in his heart, and fear has no place in his heart, while he see the death and the destruction by

his eyes. No fun , no happiness over the rubbles of his house or a little toy left behind,

passed over it an Israeli bulldozer destroyed his home.




leian Baker


                                                                                                                                                                           (translated from Arabic)

One Response to “Premeditation and Monitor”

  1. i congrats you for this great jobe, Palestine and gaza will be very proud of your work
    and i wish all best for you and thanks alot
    your friends forever

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