In remembrance of Mahmood


For your sake, Mahmood,

I broke the lock of my lips

For you

I slaughtered silence in my heart

to write these lines

to build a wall in the face of death.

For you Mahmood, believe me,

I cast the letters to make a sentence.


The sun that bathes the wonds of the fig trees

its rays are dyed in blood by the executioners of Gaza

that some sun toasts the wheat into gold in the fields of China.

It wrings tears from the foreheads of the peasants in our village.

You may not understand Mahmood

but tomorrow you shall grow up more and more in our hearts.

And the fields will grow green root before your eyes.

You are there in the grave yard, but here in our veins


you may accept or reject the present reality;

if you reject it you shall grow more in our hearts


You may not understand

why the East is tired of silence

or why the dead vomited, and death

a bridge.

Or why our feet cried

or why I wrote this.

But tomorrow the world shall grow and understand.

A question broke my head


(by Ash)

One Response to “In remembrance of Mahmood”

  1. 😦 wow this was wonderfull

    allah yarhamoo

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